Noel Tarin

Alexander Shein


Let us introduce ourselves. We are Alexander and Noel. We met in 2014 thanks to our common interest in motorsport, repairing of motorcycles and our passion to improve the results in races.

In 2016 we formed a team with our repair workshop as the base. Now we help riders to get better results on the tracks and in the schools of Spain throughout the whole year.

We want to help Russian speaking and foreign riders in order to take them to the professional level. Our philosophy is to be the most professional and the best technically equipped team in Russian motorsport, using all the professional racing know-how for races.

It’s very difficult to put in a few words all the emotion and effort we devote to this sport, the overwhelming joy to see our racers’ triumph, the happiness of just a few minutes of the race and the fatigue after countless training hours. For us, races are the style of life. Everything we do is somehow connected to our desire to be a part of motorsport!