Winter season is coming, and most pilots are moving in search of the sun and warm weather. Below are 5 reasons to choose BOXESMOTO for organizing your winter training in Spain.

1. Local team, which speaks Spanish, English, Russian and French

We live in Valencia. Most of our team stuff are Spanish. We are connected with the local dealers and track days organizers. We can always find the right spare part in Spain and not order it from “a mechanical engineer that I know in Italy”. Any service available in Spain is equally available to you: you do not experience any problems in communicating with the necessary motor school, trainer, on-track personnel or hotel. Whenever it is needed, you will have an interpreter accompanying you throughout your whole participation in the track. If you want to ship your motorcycle to a tuning workshop in Germany or Spain, you just have to let us know

2. Our own mechanical workshop and motorcycle storage garage

No serious repair works on track or in a van with limited spare parts and tools. Workshop in Valencia gives the possibility to perform any repair works or tuning in an equipped facility. The equipment includes chassis and engine dynamometer, post lifts. You can bring your motorcycle in advance and we will perform all the necessary maintenance work before the race (and not during the race). Your moto is always in good shape, aligned, clean and is waiting on heaters for you to arrive at the track. Motorcycle storage between races is free of charge.

3. Easy motorcycle transportation

Our van is running between Moscow and Valencia once in two months, which allows us to combine the transportation of several motorcycles in one trip and keep the prices low. We have been transporting motorcycles for two years now and we know how to do it. No delays at the border or arriving late for the track. In case of force majeure circumstances, we will return your money and reimburse the cost of the tickets and hotel. A clearly described process of the preparation of the motorcycle and the corresponding documents assures its safety. You yourself put a gps-tracker in each motorcycle (and close it with a key), which allows you to follow its movements online. If necessary, it is possible to organize a special custom tailored trip, making stops at workshops in Germany, France or Spain (for example, Alpharacing in Munich).

4. Professional support level. Accurate financial and executive discipline

BoxesMoto is a professional team that operates in professional European championships. We work with professional pilots and provide the maximum transparence without unexpected surprises for our clients. The engineers (Monlau Repsol Technical School graduates) have professional qualification and work experience on track as well as in a workshop. Financial and legal issues are regulated before the race. No unexpected additional payments or lost motorcycle adjustment notes. Each client has a data base, where we keep notes of all the motorcycles adjustments, achieved results, performed payments and rendered services. At any moment during the track you can see what spare parts for your moto are stored in our garage, how much you have paid and the anticipated cost till the end of the race. All payments are official

5. Flexible conditions according to your dates

Having access to many events in Spain, we plan our calendar several months in advance. Nevertheless, we are always ready to change it or complement it according to your wishes. You just need to let us know the dates of your vacation or trip to Spain, and our team will provide you with a whole set of options to organize your training. We tend to put pilots in collective moto events, but we are ready to make an individual plan and accompany you to the race. We are based in Spain, so we do not need to plan our trip, which allows us to adjust quickly to your needs.



Finally, last but not least: we are simply passionate about motorcycles and we want to share our passion with others. We are always happy to make new friends and share our knowledge and learn something new from you. Even if you are not ready to come to the track with us, just come and visit us at any motorcycle event. We will be happy to see you in our booth or garage. Looking forward to seeing you soon!